Our core business...


Publishing & Digital

Media Solutions

We publish a range of books under our Wondabooks label.  

Categories include Children's Books, Education, Travel & Tourism.

Publishing & Printing

Website Development

Our websites are developed primarily to provide interactive learning sites.

We can also develop websites & provide SEO for selected business requirements.

About us

Providing publishing & TV digital solutions...

 Timeworks Media Ltd was established as a specialist publishing company with a focus on New Zealand travel & tourism.  

We continue to print publications which now include children's books, education, as well as travel & tourism. 

Our services have also expanded to include television & digital solutions. 


Timeworks Media is a New Zealand based  company...  we specialise in book publishing, website development,  
television & digital solutions

Television Production & Digital Solutions

Timeworks Media produces television & digital media solutions related to our publications.  

Television documentaries are produced for Travel & Tourism.  Digital books are produced for children.